Tina Chiu Jin Chen 陳秋瑾


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Cupcakes 杯子蛋糕,  2014

專業水彩+Arches水彩紙, 22x30inches (56x76 cm)


Tina Chen’s painting presents itself with joyful atmosphere. The image reminisced a magnificent visual feast with beautiful and delicious desserts accompanied by fine lace tablecloth. With the use of visual ambiguity mixed with humor, these foods contain hidden messages of human desires, while going back and forth between the unspoken words, and playing games of physiological super-ego and ego.

The mouthwatering desserts provoke reveries, while also fulfilling the viewer’s illusions and desires to be demanded of, and allowing the spirit to wander between “Food” (desire) and “Desire” (control). This is human’s nature of “eating and mating” at its peak. One should note that Chen’s celebration is not just a feast of desserts! To convey the collection of feelings, Chen uses delicate brushworks to create images of ingenuity, unexpected combination of colors, shapes and harmonies with many hidden surprises.



Born in Taiwan

Lives and Works in Pennsylvania



The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, PhD in Art Education

National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan, MA in Art

National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan, BA in Art



Selected solo exhibition

2014, Tina Chen Solo Exhibition: Happy Life. New York: Amerasia Bank Gallery.

2014, Tina Chen Solo Exhibition: Eye Candy. New York: Pleiades Gallery. 

2011, Tina Chen Solo Exhibition: Dessert and Desire. Taipei: Howard Salon. 

2006, Tina Chen Solo Exhibition: Bakery and Visual Culture, The Pennsylvania State University: HUB-Robeson Galleries (Ritenour Lobby). 

2006, Tina Chen & Shir-Juh Chen Exhibition: Garden & Bakery-A Traditional and Contemporary Dialog, Shippensburg University: Kauffman Gallery.

2005, Tina Chen Solo Exhibition: Tina’s Bakery, New York: 456 Gallery.


Selected group exhibition

2012, Three Artists Join Exhibition: DessertStoryTaiwan. Taipei: Bo-pi-liao Historical Area Gallery.

2003, Chens’ Family Exhibition, Taipei: Howard Salon.

1998, National Water Color Invitation Exhibition, Taichung: Taichung Municipal Cultural Center.

1994, 30th Asia Modern Art Exhibition, Tokyo: Metropolitan Art Museum.

1993, Her Presence in Colors: 7 Asian Women Art Exhibition, Beijing: Gallery of Central Institute of Fine Arts.

1991, Three Artists Joint Exhibition: Spiritual Game, Taipei: Howard Salon.

1979, Three Artists Joint Exhibition: Tina Chen, Shen-Ko Cho, and Fang Cheng Wu, Taipei: American Cultural Center.


Public collections

Chen, C-J. (2013). The traditions and developments of wedding dress: Narrative through interpretation of old Taiwanese wedding photographs. Taipei: Artist.

Chen, C-J. (2011). The interspatial dimension of reality and imagination. Taipei: Shiang-Bo-Shu Culture &Technology.

Chen, C-J. (2011). Narrative through interpretation of family photographs: A web of Taiwanese visual cultural signs. Germany VDM: Verlag Dr. Muller.

Chen, C.-J. (2010). Searching for Taiwanese visual cultural signs: The stories of old photographs. Taipei: National Museum of History.

Chen, C.-J. (2003). The materials and techniques of watercolor. Taipei: Hwa-Tai.

Chen, C.-J. (1999). Drawing and creativity. Taipei: Hwa-Tai.

Chen, C.-J. (1987). The presentation of space in modern paintings. Taipei: Yifong Hall.





美國賓州州立大學 (The Pennsylvania State University) 藝術教育哲學博士

國立臺灣師範大學美術研究所 碩士

國立臺灣師範大學美術學系 學士



曾任:臺北市立大學 視覺藝術學系所 教授

臺北市立教育大學 視覺藝術學系所 教授兼系主任

臺北市立師範學院 美勞教育學系教授兼系主任,視覺藝術研究所所長

美國賓州州立史賓斯堡大學(Shippensburg University) 客座教授





Chen, C.-J. (2011). Narrative through interpretation of family photographs: A web of Taiwanese visual cultural signs. Germany VDM: Verlag Dr. Muller.







2014,陳秋瑾個展:快樂人生。New York: Amerasia Bank Gallery. (展出日期:2014/7/18-2014/7/25)

2014,陳秋瑾個展:食色性也。New York: Pleiades Gallery. (展出日期:2014/4/15-2014/5/10)

2012,甜點‧故事‧臺灣  三人聯展,臺北:剝皮寮歷史街區。


2006,陳秋瑾個展:甜點系列, The Pennsylvania State University: Ritenour Hall, USA.

2006,陳石柱、陳秋瑾雙個展Garden and Bakery: A Traditional and Contemporary Dialog, Shippensburg University: The Kauffman Gallery, USA.

2005,陳秋瑾個展:Tina Bakery(緹那點心坊), New York: 456 Gallery, USA.