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Urban Tribes

A complete discourse about Urban Tribes, whose Urban Caravans refer both to those waiting at the US border as well as immigrants who are already here or eagerly seeking better spiritual or material opportunity. 

Concrete examples of these experiences include sculptor Yutien Chang who was denied admission to the US upon landing at JFK on May 21 despite this young Brooklyn College graduated sculptor holding a dream of New York as the world center for art; multi-faceted artist Ming-Jer Kuo who is still striving to renew his artist visa; his series the Walkers looks at the city crossroads in various regions in Manhattan reflecting cultural diversity. Andrea Coronil whose father was investigated by the FBI and eventually forced to leave the US, and who turned into art the redacted FBI documents on her father; and Steven Balogh who endured Hungarian communism and forced military service and detainment in a refugee camp, and whose work at NYFA includes an old passport with the status "stateless." Felipe Galindo contributes a humorous take on the immigrant story from the immigrant's viewpoint. Building on the robot imagined by Leonardo, Pey-Chwen Lin uses AR and other advanced methods to construct a 3-dimensional clone to dramatize humanity's ill-considered use of technology. New technologies have united many people in a digital tribe without conferring identity, as illustrated in the 365 images of Digital Portrait - Jane by Yu-Chuan Tseng . Life in the city for many people has been like Walkers lined up in pedestrian crosswalks or the street sleeper by Chemin Hsiao, although we carry our own individual purposes. Miya Ando's video reminds us of the magical aspect of life, with her rising and falling origami birds and her fairy-tale. Kelly Tsai and Ryan Hartley Smith co-produce an animation that depicts the actual story of Americorp activities and celebrates voluntary work in the community. Lulu Meng makes a light box cave recalling her passport experiences.

URBAN TRIBES is a collaboration between the Taiwanese American Arts Council, New York; the New York Foundation for the Arts; and El Taller Latino Americano Art Center. The exhibition has been thematically divided into two sections. Section I, Urban Caravan, focuses on world caravans, that is, all those who choose to leave the hometown looking for a better life on the material or spiritual level. Artists from New York and abroad, representing several ethnicities, will exhibit work at three venues. In Section I at TAAC Tribeca/E. Tay/R Gallery, 15 artists from Taiwan or from New York focus on humanitarian and cultural diversity issues, as well as experience of the family and self in a new land; social justice is the common theme.

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REWOVEN: Innovative Fiber Art, an international collaboration between the Taiwanese American Arts Council, New York; the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan; Queensborough Community College Art Gallery, CUNY; and the Godwin-Ternbach Museum at Queens College, CUNY on display from April 6–May 26, 2017.

 In this exhibition, ten artists express creativity and a commitment to environmental issues in a convergence of painted, woven, assembled, and installed artworks. While many pieces incorporate traditional craft, the artists use contemporary strategies to transform natural, industrial, and waste materials into works of wit, whimsy, protest, and beauty that address the endangered Earth. Each piece displays ingenuity in redefining the practice of fiber art. In pursuit of a radical agenda, these compelling voices reexamine innovation, social justice, and art history in a distinctly Taiwanese context.

The artwork was chosen by the curatorial team of Tseng Fangling (Kaohsiung Museum), Chien Cheng-yi (Kaohsiung Museum), Luchia Meihua Lee (Taiwanese American Arts Council), Faustino Quintanilla (QCC Art Gallery), and Amy Winter (GTM). This collaborative project will be on display at three sites: the Godwin-Ternbach Museum; the Queensborough Community College Art Gallery in Queens; and El Museo de Los Sures in Brooklyn, with a total of 24 Taiwanese and New York-based artists. The Godwin-Ternbach Museum is exhibiting work by ten Taiwanese artists: Chen Ching-Lin, Hsu Wei-Hui, Huang Mei-Hui, Teresa Huang, Huang Wen-Ying, Pan Ping-Yu, Wu Pei-Shan, Wu Yun-Feng, Yang Wei-Lin, and Wen-Fu Yu.

Curatorial team:

Curators in New York: Dr. Amy Winter, Dr. Faustino Quintanilla, Luchia Meihua Lee

Curators in Taiwan: Tseng Fangling Co-curator: Chien Cheng-Yi

REWOVEN: Innovative Fiber Art From Taiwan

Venues and Dates 

QCC Art Gallery, CUNY

March 16–June 17, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 30, 5–8 pm 

Godwin-Ternbach Museum, Queens College, CUNY

April 6–May 26, 2017

Opening reception: Thursday, April 6, 5–8 pm 

El Museo de Los Sures

April 18–June 30, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 20, 6–8 pm


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