Jia-Rhon Chen, MD  陳家榮


Oil on Canvas 

37X50 inches


Taiwan, 2010

Watercolor on paper

10.7X8 inches

Eleanor Heartney, a contributing editor to Art in America and author of Critical Condition:

American Culture at Crossroads wrote of Jia-Rhon Chen's artworks: “Dr. Chen blends bold color and cubistic forms which might be seen as part of his western inheritance with sure quick brush strokes that hark back to the tradition of Asian calligraphy. This mixing of reference is evident in other works which perform a similar operation on the landscape of Taiwan, transforming it into a kaleidoscopic vision of movement and change..

Synthesizing his multiple perspectives as physician and artist, as Taiwanese native and New York resident, and as heir to Western modernism and Asian tradition, Dr. Chen offers an art which seems suspended in a place beyond literal space and time. He simultaneously sends us ahead to the future and back to the primordial past, all the while reminding us that the life force is the condition which makes everything possible."

In the "Lovers", we sense two faces come together as one, in various moods. On the left, the men become part of a landscape, cliffs facing a big void. The head piece of the lady becomes a stage of the Taiwanese puppets show. What is going on in her shirtis totally up to the viewer' imaginations.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2003 Crystal Art Gallery, Flushing, NY

2002 Caelum Gallery, NYC

2000 Walter Wickiser Gallery, NYC

1996 St. John's University, NYC

1995 G. Zen 50 Art Gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

1994 Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

1993 Tai Te Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1992 Tai Te Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1991 Taiwan Museum of Art, Taichung, Taiwan

1991 Apollo Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1988 Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

1987 Spring Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1985 Formosa Plastic Group, Taipei, Taiwan

1984 Apollo Art Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan

1984 St. John's University, New York, NY

1980 Lynn Kottler Galleries, NYC

1975 Manhattan Art & Antique Center, NYC