T.F. Chen   陳錦芳


City Gleaners

Limited Edition(rare) 


Born in 1936, Taiwan

Lives and work in Paris, New York, Shanghai, and Taipei.

 Chen received a scholarship from the FrenchGovernment.  in 1963 and became the first Asian to obtain a Ph.D in Art History from La Sorbonne.  Chen also obtained a M.A. in French Literature from La Sorbonne and spent 7 years studying at L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

2001* First artist-painter to be honored with a Global Tolerance Award from the Friends of the United Nations /Designated Cultural Ambassador for Tolerance & Peac by the Friends of theUnited Nations (2001 at NYC UN)*

 Initiator of the "Arts for Humanity World Tour" (2005-2020)   to advance Art Education and a Global Culture of Peace

* Painter, writer, art historian, visionary, and founder of the T.F. Chen Cultural Center & Art for Humanity Foundation in SoHo, NYC. And Chen Tsing-Fang Art and Cultural Foundation and Chen Tsing-Fang Art Museum in Taipei


* In 1969, Chen established his Neo-Iconography style that unites East and West, past and present, by organizing familiar "icons" into a new dimensionwith a new meaning.         

* Chen has published 26 books in English, Chinese and French concerning his artistic style and cultural world view..  Chen and his works are featured in over 300 textbooks, such as university art history textbook Arts & Ideas.  In New York Magazine, Chen was featured alongside Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg.

* Chen has conduct more than 200 one man shows.  His art collected widely both privately and publicly, such as many museums, the Smithsonian Institution (USA),  the Museum of Modern Art (Paris), the White House (USA),the Presidential Palace (Taiwan), etc. * Chen shows permanently at his TF ChenCultural Center in SoHo, NYC,   TF Chen Art MuseumTaipei& Fu Tsing Art Center Shanghai.

* Chen is invited worldwide to lecture about his art and cultural theories, such as at the State of the World Forum, International Art & Science Conference, God & World Peace Conference, renowned universities, etc.

* Chen’s series include:  “Art for Humanity,”     “The Spirit of Liberty,” “9/11,” “East-West,” “Cardplayers,” “Post-Van Gogh,”    “Princess Diana,” “Jade Mountain,” “Las Vegas,” Shanghai World Expo 100 paintings” ,“Beijing Olympics,” “Temple of Heaven,” Beautiful Taiwan Series”  “ Tourism for peace”  Celebration Series” etc

陳錦芳博士:  (巴黎、紐約、上海、台北)

跨越一甲子,橫跨歐亞美三洲的藝術創作,陳錦芳博士是位具歷史前瞻性和文化使命感的藝術家。 他被認為是「後現代的先驅」及「當今世界上20位最具影響力的藝術家之一」 (Dr. Thomas McEvilley, 1991)。 陳錦芳窮其一生努力創造的作品反應了人類的追求及成就,同時倡導以「愛」為宗的全球新文藝復興。不僅是畫家, 陳博士同時是位學術研究者,作家,藝術史家和未來預見者。他1936年出生於台灣,1963年到巴黎留學,目前同時在紐約,台北和上海有其藝術基地。 陳博士可以說是一位東西文化交匯融合下的世界公民。 2001年,因其整生奉獻於和平及創造多元文化的藝術,陳博士獲頒「聯合國之友」的「全球寬容獎」,榮任「寬容及和平文化大使」以啓動「為人類而藝術」 世界巡迴展。半世紀以來他所播下的種子不斷開花結果。1969年陳錦芳創建的「新意象派」簡稱 Neo-I)  是種大膽的突破。它是「時空合一」,「境況虛擬」「多元交叉」, 「引經據典」「擅挪巧用」 (Appropriation)及「藝以載道」。 它擷取古今中外大眾耳熟能詳的「意象(Icon), (具象徵意味的公共形象) 尤其是世界美術史上的「意象」做不尋常的取捨整合, 演繹表現,令人耳目一新, 有趣而雋永。陳錦芳說:  “「人生苦短,藝術永恆」。我14歲被梵谷感動,立志到巴黎當畫家。28歲在義大利文藝復興的聖地得到啟示而決心促成台灣成為全人類新文藝復興的搖籃而奉獻,雖然我一生為此努力奮鬥,但是區區小我,能力有限,至今此理想未能實現。所以,在台灣成立陳錦芳文化基金會、美術館文創部,並建立在台北市松山區敦化北路222巷1號的台灣企業總部。希望世代繼續努力, 推動藝術的使命,促進以「愛」為宗,建立和平文化的全球新文藝復興。” 2014 July