Coordinating, sponsoring, and presenting high quality programs in all disciplines of art, and encouraging cross cultural exchange between artists from Taiwan and artists in North America of various ethnicities by enabling them to exhibit, perform, publication, and produce their work in the United States.

  • Identifying and granting financial assistance to deserving Taiwanese-American artists and organizations, and assisting them in forming a network for sharing information, resources and funding.

  • Building awareness and appreciation of Taiwanese art in North America by promoting individual artists and by forging alliances with other cultural and art organizations.

  • Encouraging scholarship in the arts by commissioning academic essays outlining artistic significance, and publishing catalogs, books, and advertising material to bring Taiwanese American art to the attention of the broader international community.


The Taiwanese American Arts Council was established in 2014 to carry forward the mission of the Taiwanese Art Endowment Fund which spurred the creation of a named Taiwan Gallery, by the Queens Museum of Art. Taiwanese community leaders Dr. Lung Fong Chen, Thomas Chen, and Patrick Huang, to realize the vision with Professional curator Luchia Meihua Lee, and the pioneer of Taiwan modern printmaking artist, Prof. Liao Shiou Ping, provided the expertise and art resources. The TAAC aims to provide assistance to Taiwanese artists, scholars, and specialists in the arts.  TAAC will support cultural and art leaders in different fields and in all states in the US and all counties in Taiwan; it is expected to expand annually.

Goals and Objectives

  • Help artists and art organizations in North America as well as to facilitate artists from Taiwan and friends of Taiwan of different ethnicities to exhibit, perform, and produce their work here.

  • Work cooperatively with colleagues around the US to broaden our collective audiences and to form a network for sharing information, resources, and funding.

  • Supports all artistic disciplines in classical, fusion, folk, and innovative forms influenced by the arts of Taiwan.

  • Build awareness of Taiwanese art in North America. Promote and build alliances with other organizations.

Founding Members

  • Founding President Dr. Lung Fong Chen

  • Honorary Chairman Prof. Liao Shiou Ping

  • Founding Board Trustee Thomas Chen, Patrick Huang

  • Founding Executive Director Luchia Meihua Lee

Partners and Supporters

  • 布魯克林藝站(Brooklyn Artists Studio--BAS)

  • Jack and Dorothy Kupferberg Family Foundation

  • Amerasia Bank

  • Bank of Hope