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Fully Loaded Tainan - New York 2017 《大船入港》2017臺南-紐約 對飛計劃 Exchange residency program and exhibition

  • Pfizer 630 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)

Opening Reception: Saturday July 26, 2017 6-9pm 

July 20, 2017 - September 10, 2017

Venue:   Pfizer Building    address: 630 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206 (google Map:

Curator : HSU Yuan-Ta 許遠達


CHANG Yutien張郁田, CHEN Yen-Yi 陳妍伊, CHIU Kuo-Chun 邱國峻, FANG Wei-Wen 方偉文, HUANG Yi-Mi 黃逸民, KUO MingJer 郭明哲, LIN Huang-Ti 林煌迪, LIN Shu-Kai林書楷, MENG Lulu 孟祥璐, NI Jui-Hung 倪瑞宏, WANG Wan-Ting 王婉婷, WU Jam吳耿禎

“Fully loaded” references fishing boats returning to port heavily laden, and thus by extension the traditional livelihoods of an island people.  It also alludes to the well-rounded culture of those inhabiting that island.

Like New Amsterdam, Tainan in the 17th century was an outpost of Dutch influence. While the Dutch colonized all of Taiwan from 1624 to 1662, their capital there was Tainan, and to this day several forts from that era survive in the city and memorialize Dutch sway.  Dutch rule over New York stretched from 1609 to 1667. And like New York, Tainan is a port.

The various artists included in this exhibition reflect different aspects of the culture of Tainan or New York, generating snapshots growing out of life experience. In addition to the stresses mentioned above, they react to fissures between male and female, between Taoist folk religion on the one hand and science and technology on the other, and the ever-present strains between rural and urban life.

Culture, in Taiwan as well as elsewhere, is defined by its tensions as much as by its contours. Polarities in Taiwan include that between modern influences (Taiwan has an advanced electronics industry, and communications innovations frequently reach the US from Taiwan) and a tradition slowly evolved over millennia. Taiwan simultaneously faces inward in its diplomatic isolation, yet as an island formerly colonized by the Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese in turn absorbs and reflects international influences and trends. Connection with New York is underlined by the fact that the Dutch claimed both Taiwan and New Amsterdam. From 1624 to 1662 in Taiwan; 1609 to 1667 in NYC.